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Ditch the Winter Blues, Kick Butt Instead

It’s almost March and, yet, the snow continues to fall outside my window! Gah! I’m about ready to hop a plane to California or just lose my mind entirely here! Don’t get me wrong, when you are cuddled up a glass of wine on the couch, the light snow fall in the night is oh so pretty and magical, but, let’s get real here…the never ending frozen tundra of old dirty snow, ice mountains, and yucky salt sprinkled in the streets that eats away at all your pretty shoes is absolutely killing my ‘Ready for a new year, ready for Spring!’ kind of vibe!  To be honest, I feel like it’s kind of put me in a funk. Hibernating the days away, working over my laptop, in my frumpiest yoga pants. Not taking care of myself in the slightest. Unmotivated. Not getting nearly enough greens and clean foods in my diet. Getting way too many Cadbury mini eggs. Feeling discouraged. Dirty laundry piles becoming monumental. My insomnia raging, making me just a peach to be around in the mornings. It’s not cute y’all. Not cute at all.

But, a shower, some good news (that I can’t wait to share in the near future!!!), and a little wine reward at the end of the night can go a long way! For some weird reason I am far more productive when I’m on my own and with the spouse gone for the week for work, I’ve been able to kick my own butt in gear a bit! It really is time to kick these winter blues! Whether winter persists or not, these blues have got to go! It’s time to get it together. To get out. To ‘just do it.’ To power through some errands. To tackle about twelve different projects. To make some magic. To cook some healthy meals. To get back at it. To get inspired and motivated. To generally kick some butt!!!

It IS the last year of my twenties, after all! I can’t be spending it all braless and hermit-y! Let’s do this!

I_still_don_t_really_feel_like_I_ve_had_anytime_to_breathe_from_the_whirlwind_of_2014__but_you_better_believe_I_m_still_hitting_the_ground_running_right_into_2015...the_best_is_yet_to_come____thelittlethings__weddingphotoglife (1)

Christy Tyler - February 26, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Dude – this weather is killllling me. At least we have pretty snow on top of the frozen solid gray ugly stuff. :- My goal is to do yoga and shower before 8pm today – and not just sit at my computer forcing myself to work. Let’s do this!

Wedding: Heather & Brian – St. James Cathedral + Ravenswood Event Center

Remember the days when the sun shined down on us, on this pretty city, and warm breezes filled the air? I know, I know, it seems so long ago now and almost like those days will never return! So, until they do, I figured I’d share some sunny gems from shooting alongside some of my favorite peoples in 2014 to distract me from the neverending Chicago tundra I live in. First up, this oh so pretty wedding I second shot for the lovely Jordan Quinn, in one of my absolute favorite cathedrals in the city, St. James Cathedral, and the fantastic Ravenswood Event Center!

Ravenswood Event Center Wedding_0001

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Jenna Keller Linnell - February 25, 2015 - 3:35 pm


Grayson – Two Years Old

Okay, so I totally fell off the milestones wagon. Part of me feels like a bad mommy for not following through on the monthly updates, but I am not a mommy blogger by any means…I just blog updates on my life, part of which is my kid. And, honestly, the other part of me feels like a better mom for it…because the fact is since I have dropped the blog down to fewer days a week, I have been less stressed in general and have a bit more balance in my life. (A definite win!) So, I’m not going to give myself too much guilt about it and, instead, I am going to celebrate all the goodness that has led him from his last milestones blog at 20 months up until now, at two years old. Yep, two. years. old!!! Grayson turned two last Thursday and I still cannot get over the ‘Holy crap, I have a two year old!’ feeling! It’s absolutely unreal. And crazy. And nonstop. And exhausting. And really really amazing. I am totally smitten with this cutie of mine, even if he won’t let me take a decent photo of him to save my life!

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0067

Two Year Old Milestones

31.14 lbs

36 inches

*Still with the tantrums. And fake crying, complete with huge crocodile tears and Frankenstein arms as he runs out of the room. Welcome to the toddler fun!

*Pretend eats his felt hotdog and fruits and veggies. And says, ‘Yum, yum.’

*Cuddles his Momma K in the morning and at night. He is oh so comfy in the crook of her arm and as much as I wish he would cuddle with me too, it’s oh so cute to watch.

*Determined to test out just how bouncy every piece of furniture is. The table, dining room chairs, beds, couches, you name it. Jump jump jumping!

*Has tried to pull the little freckle on his hand off, not realizing it is on his skin. I definitely laughed.

*Marshmallow monster! He is obsessed with them!

*Throws things in frustration. And when he just wants to put on a show and be silly too. Unfortunately, he often throws things like trucks and ipads high into the air…he must soon realize what goes up, must come down. Eeek.

*Lovessss the ‘Chase me!’ game. And laughs his head off as you chase him. 

*Gives kisses far more willingly these days. I almost think he has figured out it may get him things he wants.

*Starting to mimic words more and more.

*New favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph! And loves old time Mickey cartoons.

*Loving puzzles.

*Baby’s first sledding experience! He mostly enjoys tromping through the snow in his boots and dragging his hands through the snow as he goes along on the sled, but he thinks it is fun nonetheless!

*Says ‘Hello’ like an old man.

*Says ‘Please’ like ‘Wheeeeee!’ and it melts my heart every single time!!!

*Confirmed meat eater. He is our mini Ron Swanson.

*Loves his bedtime routine when we put him down together. He used to push me away and be quite aggressive if I tried to hone in on his cuddle time with his Momma K before bed, but miraculously some kind of switch has flipped! Now, he does pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! He forces us to kiss each other, literally pushes us together, and then hugs us both at the same time with a little ‘awww’. Holy adorable!

*Coloring! I’ve realized even at two years old, he is more into organizing his crayons into piles and taking nibbles out of them when I’m not looking more than he is actually coloring.

*The very beginning stages of potty training.

*Locked himself in his room and cried cried when he realized he couldn’t get out and I couldn’t get in. We promptly put new knobs on his door that cannot be locked.

*Figured out how to get out of his crib, God help us! One morning, I awoke to the sound of a door handle turning and looked down the hall to see little fingers poking out from underneath his door. Gah! This kid is SO not ready for a toddler bed, it takes him and hour and a half to wind down every night. Even when he is exhausted, he talks, plays, and hangs out for a bit in his crib before going to bed. If he wasn’t in a crib, he would tear the room apart and never go to bed! So, here’s hoping we can get him to stay in the crib a while longer.

*Still fiercely independent. Sometimes I climb onto the floor next to him to play and he just totally ignores me and goes about his business.

*Favorite treat is Nilla wafers, when he isn’t feeding them to the dogs, that is!



Academy Awards Fashion 2015

Okay, I know some people may say blush is so over, but blush is a neutral in my book and I think neutrals will always be gorgeous! This year’s Oscars red carpet showcased just that! And It’s no surprise that my favorites were all in the shimmery neutral category!

Jennifer Lopez….I just about died! I swear you can throw anything Elie Saab, Jenny Packham, or Zuhair Murad at me and I will immediately fall head over heels in love! Jennifer Lopez’s blush beaded Elie Saab was no exception! I turned on the red carpet coverage just as she was walking up and I knew immediately it would be my favorite of the night, without having seen anything else yet. Incredible!

Screenshot 2015-02-22 21.31.21

Zoe Saldana was all kinds of sophisticated chic in her blush Atelier Versace gown! Utter perfection!

Screenshot 2015-02-22 21.32.36

Jennifer Aniston in a shimmering and ultra form fitted nude Atelier Versace gown! So so pretty. Jen doesn’t often push fashion boundaries on the red carpet, but it doesn’t even matter…you can always expect a gorgeous look because she absolutely owns the ‘This dress was made for me and shows just how bangin’ my body is!’ look.

Screenshot 2015-02-22 21.35.15

Honorable Mentions of some of my favorite black gowns of the evening: Margot Robbie, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller

Who did YOU love at the Oscars this year? Tell me who your favorites were!

Three Ways To Wow Your Wedding Guests

Before wedding season really kicks into high gear again, I thought it was a great time to share some FAQ and informative wedding planning posts for all you lovely couples getting married. Back in September I blogged about how to ensure you have an amazing wedding day and, today, I am sharing three ways that you can set your wedding apart from the rest of the to-be-wed pack! To make your day as beautiful, meaningful, and unique as it can be. To set the most incredible scene for the best day of your life. And to absolutely wow your guests, to leave them talking about your wedding for weeks to come!

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0060

1. Paper Goods!

From your Save the Dates and Invitations to your ceremony programs and wedding signage, beautifully designed paper goods really set the expectations for your day right out of the gate. Your invitation designer can create not only gorgeous invitations and programs, but also custom coasters, signature drink signs, escort cards, menus, and all the pretty little day of details you can imagine! And these details go a long way in not only making your wedding an experience no one will forget, but also one that leaves your guests thinking just how very YOU your wedding was. Your designer can even create a wedding ‘logo’ for you that can be used on all of your paper goods that would really tie your day together from start to finish!


Sarah Drake Design

Courtney Callahan Paper

2. Rentals!

The sky is the limit for creating your wedding space! And utilizing some of the amazing wedding rentals resources out there to create an amazing space for your big day can play a big role in it! Don’t feel limited to your average round table and floor length linens, there is so much more out there! If you are doing your dinner family style, you can have gorgeous long wood farm tables. Or if you love a little modern chic, you can get fabulous lucite ghost chairs. Not only can you pick incredible tables and chairs for your reception, but you can also create inviting lounge spaces for your guests. Having these cozy little spots of pretty arm chairs and cocktail tables for your guests to gather at and chat is such a beautiful little luxury that you can really add something special to your day. And if you really want to amp up the pretty, rent some stunning glassware for your signature cocktails or pretty vintage trays for your late night sweets.


Bowery & Bash

Re:Find Joy (Also a fantastic Event Stylist!)

Nimble Well

 3. Florals Florals Florals! 

THIS is a big one! This is the one area I so regret not giving enough love to on my own wedding day, because it can really elevate every wedding so so much! I personally think that gorgeous florals, from stunning bouquets to oh so pretty ceremony and reception decor, can absolutely make a wedding! Hire an incredibly talented professional to make your day really WOW! Don’t take on the stress of doing it yourself. Share your vision with someone who knows how to take your vague descriptions of color, texture, and mood…and make it something that will take your breath away! You will not regret it!!!


Forget Me Knodt

Hello Darling (Floral and Event Design)

Life in Bloom

I guarantee these three things (or even just focusing on one of these things!) will set your wedding day apart from everyone else’s and, ultimately, create a wedding that is much more true to who you guys are as a couple because you have put the time and thought into making it just as you envisioned it and as you want your guests to experience it. So, go ahead and give them something to talk about Monday morning! (And, if this seems like A LOT to take on, but you are passionate about making your day amazing, definitely hire a planner who will make all this magic come to life for you!!!)

Bonus Recommendations for Magic Making Wedding Planners:

Jayne Weddings

Estera Events

Ryan Alexander Events

La Belle Fleur Events

An Event Less Ordinary 


F a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t