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Wedding: Jamie & Brian – Northmoor Country Club

Well, the 2016 wedding season is in full effect and I kicked it off with the sweetest couple I could find! It was truly such a joy to be a part of Jamie and Brian’s gorgeous love filled day, click through to see all the pretty!

Northmoor Country Club Wediding_0001


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Golden Globes Fashion 2016

You guys, awards season is officially here! And the Golden Globes red carpet did not disappoint! I had the hardest time whittling my list down to just a few favorites! Almost everyone who walked the carpet killed it last night! But, if I must, I must! So, here are my top six best dressed from the 2016 Golden Globes!

Golden Globes Best Dressed_0001

Jenna Dawan Tatum in one of my absolute favorite designers, Zuhair Murad, was a vision in shimmering navy, with a plunging neckline and full skirt (with pockets to boot!).

Lily James was just so delicately beautiful in this wonderfully draped Marchesa! Her smokey eye and loose waves made the entire look a stunner…and one that I can absolutely see inspiring some gorgeous bridal looks!

Olivia Wilde owns the deep necklines and body skimming gowns market! This gorgeous marsala Michael Kors gown was everything on her!

Golden Globes Best Dressed_0002

Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely incredible last night!!! This classic yet fashion forward red gown by Dior stole the show. Elegant with an edge, with those subtle cut-outs and perfectly bold necklace.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was a golden dream in this shimmering number from Versace!

Jaimie Alexander was another one who embraced a plunging neckline and full gown with pockets…and it was a clear winner! This emerald geometric gown by Genny was stand-out, for sure!


So, tell me, tell me!!! Who made YOUR best dressed list?! Did we share any favorites! Comment below and let me know who’s look you loved!


Victoria Christophe - January 15, 2016 - 3:33 pm

Jennifer Lawrence In my opinion is of course without a doubt the winnner

2016: The List

Now that I’ve revisited my goals and highlights from last year, I want to take the time to focus my intentions and goals for the new year. And, I have to say that even if I do set these goals down in writing and forget about the specifics along the way, as I did in 2o15, I know that taking the time to really think about what I want out of the new year is time well spent. I’ve honestly never been one for ‘resolutions’, but I am all about setting intentions and honing in focus on the things I want to work towards in the new year. So, let’s get after that 2016 hustle!

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0125

On the business front:

  • Book 8 more weddings for 2016. (There are limited dates still available!)
  • Keep traveling for work. (I travel everywhere, so if you are getting married locally or anywhere in the world, let’s chat!)
  • Get a new destination for an international wedding on the books. (France, Greece, Italy, I’m looking at you!!!)
  • A new print feature in a magazine I haven’t been featured in before.
  • Follow through with and launch the brand refresh!
  • Plan a brand relaunch party! (Even if it’s just bottomless bubbly with some of my favorites.)
  • Get a blog refresh launched.
  • Set new blogging schedule.
  • Hit 3K Instagram followers by 2017.
  • Design a new client guide.
  • Keep curating content in line with my brand.
  • Get at least 30% of 2016 weddings featured.
  • Get travel sessions on the books. (Where shall I come this year for a round of sessions?)
  • Test out new album types.
  • Update contracts.
  • Invest more time in collaborating with other vendors.
  • Attend at least 1 networking event a month.
  • Streamline client mailings.
  • Plan an inspiration trip (and shoots) somewhere new.
  • Hit 2,500 on the AMM Facebook page.
  • Get 2015 wedding albums up on the FB page.
  • Update the FB page header.

On the home front:

  • Read more books! Always.
  • Drink more water!!! ( I have fallen off the water wagon and need to get back on STAT!)
  • Less Dairy Consumption. (I’ve tried giving it up and I just can’t, but I’d like to at least cut back in the dairy department.)
  • Update Passport! (Gah, I need to get on this STAT!)
  • Plan Iceland trip. (My love has requested a trip to see the Northern Lights.)
  • Plan a 3 year birthday party for G.
  • Make a final decision on whether we are having another kid in the coming year or just getting a kitty instead. (I kid, I kid….okay, maybe I don’t…)
  • Get the master and our upstairs painted!
  • Get new window treatments, dining chairs, and artwork going in our dining room.
  • Find a new rug for our living room.
  • Get new carpeting installed in our den.
  • Plan a fall weekend away in Michigan!
  • Do an annual closet purge.
  • Get our basement and storage space organized.
  • Doggy beach days when the weather is good again.
  • Monthly date nights! (You hear this, my love?!)
  • Create a timeline for paying off debt.
  • Research a local gym with great spin classes and incorporate that into my weekly routine again. (I miss spinning so so much!)
  • Cut back on the Starbucks. (Seriously, I’m out of control…)
  • Be more appreciative. And show it.
  • Talk less. Listen more.

What do YOU want out of the new year? What intentions have you set? What do you want to focus on? 

2015 Highlights – Chicago Wedding Photographer

Before I dive head first into the 2016 wedding season (which starts in just a couple weeks), I have to revisit some of the amazing highlights and wonderful couples I had the honor of working with over the 2015 season! I worked with 22 amazing couples on one of the most important days of their lives and photographed even more couples’ love stories and lives along the way. 2015 had me busier than ever and I am absolutely elated to see that next year is panning out to be even busier! Being busy doing what you truly love is pretty much the best you could ask for! And the icing on the cake is that day in and day out, I not only get to do what I love, but I get to do it with really really great people! So, THANK YOU to every single one of my wonderful 2015 couples that let me and my camera into their lives, that gave me the opportunity and honor to be a part of their special experiences, that trusted me to tell such an important part of their love story, that choose me at the end of the day. THANK YOU. I will be forever grateful to have been a part of each and every one of your days. <3

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0073


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Christy Tyler - January 12, 2016 - 11:12 pm

You seriously killed it this year, friend!! These are stunning!!! I can’t even pick a favorite!

2015: The List – End of Year Check In

Eeek, the time has come! The time to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. To get organized. To get set. To review. To evaluate our progress. To see how far we’ve come and prepare for what still lie’s ahead. So, before we jump on into 2016, let’s revisit the goals I set at the beginning of this year and see how it all panned out!

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0058

On the business front:

  • Book 25% more weddings than 2014. (And then some!)
  • Traveling for work. (Yes! This fall, I was all over the country shooting!)
  • Get a full print feature in the works. (Two full wedding features in the Knot in one year, yay!)
  • Start researching a brand rehaul.  (The groundwork has been laid and it is in the works! Can’t wait for what is to come!)
  • Increase my Instagram followers by 25-50%.  (I definitely had a major increase over the year, but was hoping to have reached an even bigger goal number.)
  • Give Lightroom a chance. (You guys, I legitimately tried it. I did! I just wasn’t convinced to make the switch to using LR in my workflow.)
  • Update the blog layout and look. (This will tie into the overall branding rehaul that is a-coming!)
  • Design a snazzy new pricing guide. (I should have done this AGES ago, but I’m oh so glad I finally crossed this one off my list this year.)
  • Do an extensive portfolio review and update. (In the works for the branding rehaul.)
  • Reinvigorate my submissions workflow. (Does it count if I am just doing this now, right under the wire? Yep, I say it does!)
  • NYC Travel Sessions in the fall. (Killed it. Boom. Boom. And more to come on the blog.)
  • Design and order new sample albums. (Yes, SO excited for some updates in the album department.)
  • Outsource as needed without hesitation. (Yes! I’ve definitely learned when it makes sense to outsource certain projects and definitely do so without hesitation.)

On the home front:

  • More Books!!! More more more! (Yes! Thanks to!)
  • Find Childcare for the tyke STAT! (Best. Thing. That. Has. Ever. Happened. To Me.)
  • Plan and execute a 2 year birthday party for G. (It was Lorax themed!)
  • Traveling just because that’s where my heart is. Not JUST for work. (We actually went on a no-work and kid-free vacation this year! Whoa!)
  • Reinstate family walks when the weather allows. (Gah….our family time together has definitely dwindled this year, not good. We need to get some activities planned and time set aside for these things.)
  • Learn how to braid! (I may be hopeless here….)
  • Get the master bedroom and hallway repainted! (Fail, fail, fail. But this Spring it IS happening!!)
  • New window treatments for our bay window. (Done and done. Now, to get those dining room curtains up!)
  • Plan and commit to a friends trip this year. (Loved our Napa trip so! Now, we need to get a 2016 trip on the books!)
  • Get our own wedding album designed and ordered. (After being on my list for over 3 years straight, I finally did this! Surprised K with it for Christmas! Photos to come!)
  • Have a fabulous 30th birthday celebration! (Yasss! But 29 forever!)
  • Get some spa and wine days with my mom on the books. (We had one, but that isn’t nearly enough! Hope to get some more of these on the calendar!)
  • Have our own family photos taken in the Spring. (We got in front of the talented Christy’s camera this fall!)
  • Plan a fall weekend away with the pups. (There just wasn’t time for this in our calendar this fall. I ended up traveling to NYC, Washington state, and California all within a 6 week span over the fall…and we just couldn’t make another trip happen.)
  • Get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. (Meh, this comes and goes, but that’s life, right?)
  • Purge and Donate!!! (In the middle of this right now!)
  • Become better puppy parents to our neglected pups. (Okay, we totally didn’t get any dog beach days in or get away to Michigan with the pups, but I’m totally putting this on the list for 2016 and we are going to make it happen. Our fur babies need some love too.)
  • Monthly date nights. (Sorta, kinda. We try!)
  • Create a timeline for paying off debt. (Ugh, nope. Must do this.)
  • Make my own coffee at home more, less Starbucks excursions. (Whoaaaa, I kind of went in the opposite direction on this one. I feel like I’m Starbucks addicted more than ever now.)
  • Make a home cooked dinner for the family at least once a week. (Hahahaha, this has definitely not happened. Not sure who I was kidding with this goal. But, hey, I’ve cooked at least 4 times in the past off season month, so I am trying to catch up here!)
  • Be more appreciative. And show it. (Always trying here.)

Whoa, I think I kind of killed my 2015 list! I had no idea! I was dreading revisiting my list at the end of this year because I felt like I was so busy all year that I never even checked in with it! I was not expecting to have accomplished so much considering I basically forgot about my goal list all year long! Maybe that is the best way to do it! Think about what you want from the coming year, write it on your heart (and, maybe, your blog), and just hustle your butt off!

How did you do? What did you accomplish in 2015? What successes are you proud of? What areas do you want to work on in the coming year? 

Christy Tyler - December 30, 2015 - 4:04 pm

You really killed it!!! I have a review of our goals on my blog list too! Kind of scared to go through ours! Lol!!

[…] that I’ve revisited my goals and highlights from last year, I want to take the time to focus my intentions and goals for the new year. And, I have to say that […]

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