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Stay In Your Lane

You guys, the comparison game sucks. Don’t play it!!

I’m sure I am not the only one who sometimes lets the highlight reel of the world around them get to them. Who can sometimes be too hard on themselves. Who beats them self up for things beyond their control and judges them self based on the achievements of others. But, at the end of the day, giving into those feelings, where does that get us?! No where good, that much I know! So, if you have ever had a day where you have given into those feelings and are left feeling you are less than, know that you are more than enough. You are you. So do YOU. And know that YOU are all that matters.

Be you, work hard, and just stay in your lane. 

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(Artwork: Jenna Kutcher)

Strive to be the best version of you that you can be. Keep your head down and own the hustle. Don’t worry about what others are doing around you. Keep moving forward. But know that sometimes a step back is worth it’s weight in wisdom and experience. (And that sometimes wine IS the answer.) Stay focused on your own goals. But know that it’s more about the journey than the end game. Do the absolute best you can with what you are given. And allow yourself the grace you deserve. Work together with those around you, not against them. Be kind along the way. And make your dreams yours.

Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (because that is where the real party is at!!), you know it has been an absolute whirlwind past few days in my little corner of the world! And, mostly, that has been wrapped up into all things Martha Stewart Weddings! Which is the pretty much the best whirlwind you can be a part of! Being a part of this year’s Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party was absolutely amazing and such an incredible honor. I had some of my favorite people as booth mates, Elysia Root Cakes, Fleur, and One Fine Day Productions, which made for an extra fun day! And in my booth I, of course, had gorgeous florals from Forget Me Knodt and beautiful etagerés from Bowery and Bash, not to mention one of my best friends and my mom holding down the fort while I was on photo duty! Part of me wants to tell you every little lovely detail of the day (and weekend), but I think we all know pictures do it better, so let’s do it!

Martha Stewart Weddings Photographer_0001

A big part of my day was spent bopping around with the incredible Darcy Miller and photographing Lauren Conrad and Maura McManus repping their gorgeous new bridesmaid collection from Paper Crown! It was an absolute delight!

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Katie Glaser - March 24, 2015 - 2:21 pm

this looks like so much fun! congrats on such a lovely event!

[…] at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party Chicago! First things first, the image above is courtesy of Amanda Megan Miller photography, who busted. her butt. for us this weekend capturing beautiful […]

Press: Deliciously Styled Shoot on MODWedding

One of the absolute delights of having wedding season slow down a bit during the winter months is getting to invest my time into some passion projects, getting to work with a team of amazing wedding artists and make some magic just because! This oh so pretty shoot pulled together by the incomparable La Belle Fleur was no exception! So much pretty!!! And I am ecstatic to share that it has been featured over on MODWedding this week! So, I would love if you would pop over and tell me what you think! Are you totally drooling over that amazing cake like me?! Loving the rich blooms?!

MODWedding Feature

Can’t wait to share my own personal favorites from this shoot on the blog soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

What I’ve Learned About Working Out…

If I could go to spin class everyday (or twice a day even!) I would be a happy girl! (And way more in shape!) But, when we bought our house in a different part of the city, I had to leave our oh so beloved neighborhood gym as it just doesn’t make sense to commute an hour to your gym, even if you do really love it and they have spin classes all throughout the day. And, in an effort to save money, we got an elliptical for the house instead of gym memberships at any of the mediocre gyms around our house. So, essentially I can work out at home whenever I want! Easy peasy! But, let’s be real, in the seemingly neverending struggle of trying to balance work, life, and the crazy little unpredictable variable that a toddler brings to any household…working out has, of course, fallen by the wayside. And it really is time to make it a priority again.

Getting_to_don_cute_workout_clothes_is_pretty_much_half_the_reason_I_even_work_out._That_and_wine...__morecardiomorewine__gettinit (1)

I don’t think it is normal for a 29 year old girl to wake up EVERY. DAY. and feel like total crap. And I do. I always feel exhausted, sluggish, achey, and just so darn awful. It’s such a disheartening start to your day even when you had the best of intentions to make it a good one! So, I realized with my 30th birthday looming over my head this year, it was about time to make my own health a priority again. To get back to cleaner eating, less drinking, and more moving around. In an effort to feel better in the mornings…or really any time of day! So, after a reinvigorated passion for taking care of myself lately, I figured I would share some of my musings on working out…

Never underestimate the power of a pair of pants that make your ass look great! 

Sure, I could work out in worn out yoga pants and old t-shirts, but I don’t feel very great about myself when I’m wearing those things. Not to mention, motivated at all. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to work out, so if a pair of workout pants that make your ass look great make you feel great and WANT TO workout, get those pants! Get twenty pair! Get some fun workout clothes that you love and are actually excited about wearing. It make the whole experience that much more enjoyable! Especially if you are going to be wearing them everyday to workout…you shouldn’t have to live in your bottom of the drawer raggedy clothes that should have really been tossed by now.

Treat Yo’ Self!

If you work out now, you get to go to Starbucks later. If you work out now, you get to indulge a little at dinner tonight. If you work out now, you can buy that really cute pair of shoes you have been eyeing. Okay, okay, maybe you shouldn’t reward your daily workouts with shopping every single day, but small little rewards to get you motivated can go a long way. Let me tell you, the promise of a Starbucks at the end of a workout has gotten me through many a workout! And wine for dinner? Yes please!!!

Entertainment Goes A Long Way.

With a crazy busy schedule it’s hard enough to find the hour to workout, let alone do anything else just for me, so sometimes I allow myself to watch one of my favorite television shows while on the elliptical. So, working out becomes something to look forward too! A time I get to go be by myself and watch my shows! Heck yes! Other times, I use working out as an excuse to blast Taylor Swift and other arguably embarrassing pump you up kind of music to go really hard. Because everyone goes hard to Taylor Swift, right???

Moving More Makes You Want To Move More. 

Working out in general makes me want to move more throughout the day. Once I’ve gotten going, I don’t want to stop. Sure, let’s go for a morning walk and an evening bike ride. And I don’t mind living in my sporty clothes all day when they are extra cute!

Accountability and Commitments.

Accountability is a huge motivating factor in my workout ethic. I use a Fitbit and am obsessive about reaching my daily goals. And, really, I’m only accountable to me and the little blinking dots on the Fitbit band, but it gets me there. Making physical commitments also helps. We decided as a family that once the weather got better, we would get the tyke outside and moving around everyday, whether that be a walk to the park, a bike ride, or a quick trip to walk around the zoo.

 So, what are your workout motivations and tips? How do you keep at it? What cute workout clothes do you love? Share away! 

Katie Sprenkle Katz - March 17, 2015 - 5:10 pm

I work out so I can eat whatever I want on the weekends, and I mean WHATEVER I want. I also wake up at 6am Mon – Friday to fit my work out in, otherwise it does not happen!

Sneaky Succulent Love Attack

I decided to turn the tables on my love this week. Usually, she is the master of the ‘sneaky love attacks’ as we call them around here, but I decided I was about due to surprise her! And, when she jokingly asked for one of Forget Me Knodt’s very cool succulent terrariums as a gift last week, I laughed and told her maybe for Christmas. Now, mind you, I knew she was not at all joking even though she played it off that way….she never ever asks for anything (whereas I beg for a Cartier love bracelet on a weekly basis) and she is not someone who ever asks for something that is not entirely practical, but this I knew she really did want. She has been eyeing succulent plants and terrariums for over a year…and, the fact that she actually wanted something that wasn’t a package of socks or a pound of jerky (Yes, I realized I am married to my total opposite…) was such a treat! I absolutely LOVE getting beautiful flowers and impractical pretty things as a surprise from time to time, but what do you surprise your love with when they don’t really do flowers or anything that isn’t a case of coca cola?! Apparently, in my case, the answer is this!!! I jumped at the chance to pick up the terrarium she had pointed out to me to surprise her with it! And, I have to say, it feels awesome to throw down a little sneaky love attack on her from time to time, especially with something so unique!

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