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2017: The List

Okay, I know I usually do a blog post revisiting my goals from the past year and assessing my success, but I have to admit that I took a look at my 2016 list and it turns out I was a big fat failure. Okay, well, not a total failure. Business was great! I got to work with amazing couples in amazing places with amazing people. And life in general was pretty great too! I lived it! And that’s saying A LOT. I made sure to block out time for myself and my family. I said no to things. I gave myself reasonable deadlines. I worked a little harder at maintaining some balance in my life. I lived in the moment. Each wedding. Each session. Each meeting. Each date night. Each day spent with my family and my out-of-office reply on. I focused on the present in both my work and my home life. Much more than I ever have in the past! So, I don’t know, I didn’t accomplish a lot of my lofty goals for the year, but I did some pretty fantastic things regardless. And I think I got a whole lot better at this work life balance thing! So, it might look like a failure on paper, but in real life, it felt pretty damn successful! (However, that means my 2017 list looks a heck of a lot like my 2016 list!)

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So, here is what I’m hoping to check off my list in the new year! With lots more living in the moment in the in between!

On the business front:

  • Do things that intimidate me. Jump in more.
  • Listen to more Podcasts + Read more Books!
  • Plan an inspiration trip (and shoots) somewhere new! (If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve already got one in the works!)
  • Be more timely with submitting work.
  • Book a wedding in a new international destination! (Dying to get back to France and Italy! Have camera, will travel!)
  • More print features! (Because I can never have enough, ha.)
  • Follow through with a brand refresh!
  • Relaunch the website + blog.
  • Hit 3K+ Instagram followers.
  • Design a new client guide.
  • Update contracts.
  • Work on creating a more lasting experience for clients. (I’m always wanting to give my clients more and more…of my time, my energy, their photos, their products, surprises, you name it. I think streamlining this into my workflow would make it a lot easier and more impactful.)
  • Update Facebook Albums + Graphics.

On the home front:

  • Purge, Purge, Purge. (Especially toys!)
  • Cook 1-2 home cooked meals a week. (Starting small here.)
  • Less booze, more water! (It was a miracle I pulled off a month of it this winter, because I’m finding it harder and harder to stay strong on this!)
  • Less Starbucks, more at-home Nespresso. (Such a senseless waste of money.)
  • Book a trip with my love, even if it is a just a long weekend. (Or Iceland. Iceland would be good too.)
  • Figure out some sort of organized storage situation for all my beauty products. (It’s getting out of control!)
  • Maybeeee start planning for a second kid. I said maybe! (We are going through some life changes with the spouse starting a new job, so we have to find our footing first, but eventually we should get to that second kid.) 
  • Get our upstairs painted!!
  • Replace our dining room artwork.
  • Give our pups more love.
  • Pay off debt + start saving.
  • Spend less on things, more on experiences.
  • Start exploring school options for the kid. (Because from what I have been told, it’s like a part time job to figure all that stuff out.)
  • Talk less. Listen more. Ask questions.
  • Waste less. Consume less.

What do YOU want out of the new year? What intentions have you set? What do you want to focus on? 

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