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A Romantic Adventure for Two….Three Years Late – Where Should We Go?

Not only are we three years into our marriage and I have yet to design a wedding album for us (someone please lock me in a room until I do this!!!), but we have also yet to take a legit honeymoon! I know that is kind of crazy, but right before our wedding we traipsed through Europe with my family and right after our wedding I was in the throws of wedding season, shooting nonstop….followed by buying and moving into our home around the same time, it was madness and a honeymoon wasn’t an option at the time! But, as I start to think more and more about when baby #2 might come along (NO! No one is pregnant and we are not trying yet at all, this is not any sort of announcement, people!), I think about how it is only going to get harder to leave the country, just us, for a romantic adventure. It is only going to get trickier to find willing volunteers to watch our 2 dogs and also our how ever many kids. It is only going to get harder to save money for things like this when we have kid’s savings accounts we want to contribute to and more bills adding up. It’s definitely not going to get easier and there is no better time than now I say! So, I’m thinking we should take a very very very belated honeymoon in 2015! Not that we have a lick of money saved up for this yet or even have a plan at all, but I’m putting it out into the universe! I want it to happen…and thanks to the spouse having a new job that is working her to the bone nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, she is finally coming around to the beauty of vacation! (Finding the silver lining in that one!) It is now on my 2015 list! A romantic amazing once in a lifetime super late honeymoon for two!

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Now, the hard part is deciding on where! This part is seriously SO hard! I spent hours upon hours the other night drooling over so many incredible places all over the world on Airbnb, from treehouses to villas to chic condos to lodges, you name it! But, we have a tall order when it comes to picking a place…I have been quite a lot of places in Europe over the years and, even though Katrina has only been to a couple, we kind of want to go someplace that is new to both of us. To explore together with fresh new eyes! And I want someplace with a leisure element to it, while K wants things to see and do. I want to dress up and sip cocktails a night or two. I want a little luxury. (Are we surprised at all…) But, K is more of an adventure and nature kind of gal. She doesn’t want to sit at the pool bar all week (Gah!). She isn’t one to spend hours on the beach, getting a tan. She wants to do and see things. Hikes, walks, adventures of all kinds. I like museums. She likes mountains. Truth. We want a place with some culture and beauty, but that won’t break the bank. We want the option of sipping cocktails and just enjoying a beautiful place, but also the ability to go off and do things and fill our time with a little adventure. And, I am just drawing a total blank at where this hodge podge of a gorgeous place could be, so that is where you come in! I want to know your suggestions for a belated honeymoon location that is one part cocktails and romance, one part adventure and fun!
I can’t even name all the places I have been to tell you the places that are off the list, but if it helps, we both really really loved Salzburg and Katrina wants to see the Northern Lights at some point in her life so I have actually been looking into Iceland! We’ve been to Venice. Katrina isn’t really a Mexico all inclusive kind of person. I’ve done Costa Rica. I live and die for Paris, but, heart breakingly, it definitely isn’t a spot I can envision Katrina having an amazing time per her interests. Ahhhh, help! Marrying your polar opposite certainly makes life interesting, but when trying to come to a decision that makes both partner equally excited, it’s kind of the hardest thing ever.

So, throw your suggestions at us and we will scope them out! And, for now, we will keep dreaming, hoping, and planning that we can somehow make a trip like this happen for us next year!

Mandy Smith - June 23, 2014 - 5:18 am

Hi there – you don’t know me, but I found your blog via “On a Bicycle Built For Two.”

You mentioned Iceland is on your list, so figured I’d write a note.

My partner and I visited Iceland for Christmas last year, which was very interesting and special. I would definitely recommend it. You can really make the trip for both for you. I’m definitely more of a “let’s relax, have some cocktails and eat yummy food” kind of traveler, whereas my partner likes to go-go-go and typically has us hiking from dawn until sunset. You can do both in Iceland. Reykjavik is a very interesting city with lots of cool history. Traditional Icelandic cuisine is a bit interesting, so do some research on that, but you certainly can find really yummy food that isn’t the traditional fare.

Iceland has a bit of everything: mountains, glaciers, water, geothermal pools (my favorite). I would highly recommend checking out Pink Iceland as well – it’s a gay-friendly adventure/tour-planning company. We had an incredible guide who took us to some geothermal pools, waterfalls, and drove all around for us (which was great due to it being very snowy).

The Blue Lagoon is a huge tourist spot, but it’s worth every penny. We ended up spending an entire day there (though I will say, it was mostly dark when we visited, so a “day” really means 5 hours). It was such an interesting place – perfectly warm water the most lovely shade of blue. You can also buy wine to sip while soaking – so, it couldn’t get much better for relaxing!

Also, keep in mind that Iceland is quite close to the rest of Europe – so you can easily plan two trips in one. London, Copenhagen or Dublin are all just a few hours away once you’re in Iceland.

Finally, it’s an incredible place for photographing – the scenery is unbelievably gorgeous.

Just wanted to share! I hope it helps a bit.


Emilia Jane - June 23, 2014 - 3:24 pm

Ahhhh I am so excited for you all! My most recent favorite that I have to get back to ASAP is Vienna!

Alaina Rau Bos - June 23, 2014 - 6:25 pm

Jon and I are in the midst of trying to plan our summer trip…Not sure how easy it would be for you to get there but you should consider the country/island of Malta… Also, Sardinia Italy has the best beaches in Europe and tons of hiking, biking, walking, things to see etc. Send me an email, I will help you decide 😉 Have you thought about Hawaii? Tons to see and do there as well as plenty of beaches to lay on. Also spas for lots of treatments!! Decisions, decisions!! I feel your pain for sure…. As I sit here a “work widow” I just texted Jon and said he better be late because he’s busy planning my five star vacation. We are totally living parallel lives (minus the baby boy)…

Christy Tyler - June 23, 2014 - 7:20 pm

HAWAII?! 🙂 🙂 Or Iceland sounds pretty amazing too! 😉

Heather Anne - June 23, 2014 - 9:01 pm

I am trying to make a similar decision myself and thought I would share. A resort in South Africa would be perfect because you can get your luxury and cocktails and then you can also take day trip safaris. To do a more luxurious version South Africa comes recommended. Think Johannesburg. Otherwise a more nature rugged version would be more up in the north, so think Kenya. Another thing to maybe check into is a resort in Brazil because you can have the luxury element but also day trips to see the rainforest and Iguazu Falls.

Kristen Polich - June 23, 2014 - 9:13 pm

You won’t get sun and beach, but Ireland is pretty awesome – and you can stay in cute/quaint little B&Bs surrounded by green rolling hills and/or mountains. Lots of cute and great eating choices in most towns/cities and also so many outdoors things to do (hike, bike, even surf in on the NW region of the country!) as well as architectural (castles, etc).

Erica - June 23, 2014 - 10:42 pm

I’m dying to go to Bali and it sounds like it could fit your needs…but I know that traveling that far is a consideration when you have a little one (we did a trip at Christmas sans baby and I didn’t want to spend half of our trip in the airplane!)
Hawaii is pretty amazing! American Samoa? Ecuador? Iceland could be amazing, it’s definitely on my list as well.

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