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Behind the Scenes: Some Days You Gotta Dance

Once that music starts pumping and the dance floor is officially open at a wedding, it is no surprise that you can usually find me bopping around the dance floor shooting away. Because that is what I am there to do! Take pictures! And I used to think I should just shoot, shoot, shoot, and basically be super boring. But, over the years, I have found it is way more fun to shoot, shoot, shoot, and dance WHILE I do it! And, it’s honestly a shame NOT to dance at such a celebratory event! Everyone should! So, you might not see it, but not only will I be making the rounds on the dance floor with my camera, I am usually joining in a chorus of ‘Sweet Caroline’ from behind my camera while I am shooting everyone else belt it out or getting into the beat while I shoot away. As it turns out, I’m a great multitasking dancer!



But, I like keep my moves limited to when I’m moving around and finding moments to capture around the dance floor, I’m not one to put down my camera and bust a move ON the dance floor! That is, unless the most adorable flower girl ever keeps finding you and pulling you out onto the dance floor no matter how you try to scurry away and snap photos of her cuteness instead. Yup, this little nugget of adorableness was not having my non-participation. She took my hand over and over again, pulled me over to the dance floor, and pointed her finger to the floor, demanding I dance there and now in the most precious way possible! She was adorably relentless! So, some days you gotta dance…especially when the flower girl insists!

(Photo by the fabulous Julia!)

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