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Things I Love: Mish Mosh Edition XI

It’s about time for an April edition of Things I Love! From silly little things to oh so pretty ones, I’ve got it covered today! Party of Five on ‘On Demand’ In the silly things department….Late nights of spring cleaning and working away at the computer have lately been made possible by countless back to […]

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Things I Love: Mish Mosh Edition X

Here’s to getting a ‘Things I Love’ post up once a month! Whooo! Sometimes between all the sessions to blog and life stuff and features and who knows what else, these get pushed to the back burner…but I know that I always really love reading ‘Favorites’ blogs on other people’s blogs to introduce me to […]

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Things I Love: Mish Mosh Edition IX

I think I am way overdue on a things I love mish mosh post around here as my last one was in May! So, here is my list of current loves, one random as can be, one totally new, and one totally predictable! Enjoy! Ashley Wagner Okay, I am not normally a big Olympics fanatic […]

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Things I Love: Straightener Waves for Stubborn Hair

In years pasts when I had long hair, I did the same thing to it every single day…straighten it to be pin straight. Borrrr-rrring! So, when my hair was growing crazy fast because of popping those prenatal vitamins last year (because of that whole being pregnant thing), I decided to grow it out again, but […]

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Things I Love: Grey Day Fashion

As much as I love a fantastic pair of Frye boots with a dress or a fall appropriate plaid shirt during the fall, lately we have had our fair share of chilly grey days that are borderline winter like! Gah! So, lately I’ve started incorporating my favorite winter accessories for those grey days into my […]

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