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Engagement Session: Crystal & Tyler, Part II

After some super adorable family time (Part I), Crystal and Tyler ventured off with me for some cutesy romantic time in front of the camera. This time included a dash of magical sun flare, an alleyway full of memories, and the knowing smiles of two people who are meant to be.

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The light along the lakefront was all kinds of gorgeous for Crystal and Tyler’s engagement session, so I made sure we got some shots of just them before heading out to their sentimental spot.

Folks, these are the shots I live for when shooting couples! Not just the magical sun flare that I love so much, but those looks of pure adoration. Those genuine smiles that only that they can bring out in each other. Those kisses like they mean it. And those embraces like they mean business…they mean forever.

You see what I mean? The things movies are made of, I tell you!

And after all that wonderful lakefront love, we took the Crystal and Tyler show on the road to a special little alleyway to capture some more magic….

Yes, people, an alley! But, this is not just an alley, mind you. This alleyway is the very path Crystal and Tyler would walk down to see each other, all the time, when they first started dating. An alley that holds the precious memories of the beginning of their love story. And really, don’t we all wish we had photos in those little everyday places we fell in love?

The places where you had butterflies in your stomach on your way to see the one who was filling your heart with this new-found happiness. The places where you may have held hands for the first time, sweaty palms and all. The places where you have stolen a kiss or two (or dozens…) at the end of the night. The places where your story began.

So, you may see a dirty alley, but Crystal and Tyler see Chapter one. And I loved every minute of shooting them in their special spot!

(And Chicago has some pretty cool alleys, people! I could have shot in this one alley, all day long!)

By the end of our shoot, I was even more excited that I get to be a part of Crystal and Tyler’s wedding, because now I had been given a glimpse at Chapter one. And I absolutely love getting to know the story that came before the wedding! The story of their love.

Thank you so much for sharing your story (and your beautiful family) with me, Crystal and Tyler! I can’t wait to witness and document your bound-to-be amazing wedding at Mayne Stage next March!

Lauren Wakefield - October 26, 2011 - 3:42 pm

You’ve got the sun flare down. Very impressive. 🙂

amandamegan - November 2, 2011 - 6:31 am

Thanks doll! If it gets to be too much, feel free to let me know! Haha. Obsession can cloud my vision and I am pretty obsessed with sun flare. 😛

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