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Grayson – Fourteen Months

Just a few months ago I recall musing on how surreal it is to open the door to Grayson’s room to see him crawling towards me, when just a few months before that he was only able to lay in one place as a newborn. Now, I open the door to his room and our sweet little baby boy, now toddler, WALKS towards me! Talk about surreal! How did we get a toddler already?! Slow down, slow down, slow down!




26 lbs

30 inches

(Above stats from last month, hasn’t been measured or weighed since.)

*Walking!!! We are officially walking, people! None of this four steps at a time thing, he is now walking from thing to thing instead of resorting to crawling! Yay!

*Has a size 5.5-6 feet! Is that normal for his age?! It can’t be, his feet are HUGE!

*Obsessed with grabbing people’s feet…which mommy thinks is really weird, but he thinks is really funny.

*Waves goodbye.

*Knows how to get off the master bed safely by going backwards slowly. He can also go back down staircases.

*Loves standing at the front door people watching.

*Has the best time pushing his stroller around the house.

*Discovered how fun it is to pull the toliet paper off the roll into a huge pile on the floor. So fun…

*Playing with other kids! He loves to tackle his cousin Roxy and gets so excited whenever his cousin Lilah talks to him.

*High five! His momma K taught him to give high fives and its pretty darn cute!

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