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Grayson – Nineteen + Twenty Months

With life and work both as crazy as ever lately, I’m doing a combo milestones post for the tyke again! And I’m actually okay with it, because honestly he grows SO much everyday, but oddly, I don’t find myself having nearly as many ‘firsts’ and milestones moments to note down, s0 maybe the double posts are okay for now.

Chicago Baby Photographer_0250Chicago Baby Photographer_0249Chicago Baby Photographer_0251 19+20 Month Milestones

27.1 lbs

31.5 inches

(Above stats from last pediatrician appointment.)

*Next level tantrums. Arches his back. Throws his head. And falls to the floor. Gah, I’m about ready to put a helmet on this kid with how often he is hitting his head on things in the midst of these.

*Banshee screams. Can’t wait for this milestone to pass. I’m hoping once he develops more language, he can just ask us things instead of just screaming at every little thing.

*Gave his first black eye. Did I mention the tantrums? Oh, I did. Yeah, thanks to one of these next level tantrums, mommy ended up crying in the middle of the tractor ride at the pumpkin patch because Grayson decided to crack me in the nose with his head. So. Much. Fun. (Let’s hope my nose isn’t broken!)

*So many teeth! I’ve honestly lost count!

*Gives you kisses if you are sleeping. 

*Baby’s second visit to the Pumpkin Patch, I think he LOVED being able to be on foot and run around this time. He was obsessed with organizing and moving around all the little pumpkins at the patch. 

*Obsessed with breakfast foods. Pancakes. Scrambled Eggs. Sausage. This kid devours it all!

*Not only does he hug his stuffed animals and say ‘Aw”, he now hugs people’s feet and says, ‘Aw’. Have I mentioned this kid is a bit strange? 

*Coloring! His new favorite activity! But he will make one mark and insist on getting an entirely clean piece of paper, over and over again.

*Digs pumpkin bread.

*Could eat an entire can of black beans in one sitting.

*Mr. Independence. I love how he can play by himself for great lengths of time and be entirely happy, but this kid is independent to the core! Whenever I try to color with him, he takes the crayons from my hand and tells me, ‘No’. Every single time. And when I try to take him out of his crib, he pushes my hands away and tries to climb over the side instead. Gah!

*Loves climbing up on dining room chairs and jumping on them, while he squeals, ‘Jump, Jump!!!’

*Loves brushing his own teeth! He sees us doing it before bed and wants to do it to. He mostly just rubs his toothbrush around in his mouth and chews on the bristles a little, but it’s a start! And it’s pretty adorable to boot!

*Slowly but surely losing some baby chubb! At his last pediatrician appointment, his height had entered the 80% with his weight finally. And you know how I really know? His little chubby thigh creases are getting less deep!

*Loves his cousin Roxanne. (And her kitty.) He chases her and the kitty around the whole time he is at their house, trying to pet the kitty and tackle Roxanne.

*Phones. He holds them up to his ear like he is talking….now, I am trying to get him to say, ‘Hello’.

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