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Grayson – Sixteen Months

Sometimes I feel like a crappy mom because I don’t scrapbook or write a journal or do something amazingly creative dedicated to our little one regularly like it seems most moms do, but I do keep up with his milestone blogs and I do make photo books of our guy so I guess I can’t be the worst, right!? (Someone reaffirm this please! Gah!) And in the name of keeping up his monthly updates, here’s his sixteen months milestones, car noises and all!

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0112

(Film: Portra 400 – Indie Film Lab)


27.1 lbs

31.5 inches

(Stats from last pediatrician appointment.)

*First official broken piece of furniture! Grayson took out a lamp at the beginning of the month and it is still sitting slumped and broken in the corner.

*We have tooth #8 and #9, with more coming!

*Cars cars car! Holy moley, this kid is 100% obsessed with all things wheeled! If he isn’t IN his little Fisher Price car, he is playing with trucks, school buses, cars, you name it!

*Car noises to boot! The best part of his cars obsession is his ‘Whoooooo’ car noises. Hello cutest thing ever!

*Closed mouth kisses! You know how babies learn to give kisses with their fishie open mouth and just lean towards you, well Grayson has moved up to puckered up closed mouth kisses, so cute!

*Facetime kisses for mommy! He is guaranteed to give a kiss if it’s via Facetime. If in person, there is no guarantee! He usually pushes my face away. But, if I go into another room and facetime from there, he is all about the kisses for mommy. Gah, one day, one day! Mind you, he is still giving kisses to everyone else in the world and himself in the mirror.

*Hiding! Another one of Grayson’s favorite activities of late! In his teepee, under the dining room table, behind curtains, under his toy car, you name it! He loves it.

*Bye bye with a wave! Sometimes I feel like he is getting rid of me he is so eager to say goodbye and wave me away.

*Not a fan of pants or dirty diapers apparently. If he pants are even slightly loose, he will surely take them off. And if you put him down for a nap pantless, he will now take off his diaper!!! Gah! I walked into a giggling happy baby in the midst of a dirty diaper massacre the other day. It was my worst mommy nightmare come true! So, now, we are thinking about duct taping diapers on….

*New word alert! ‘Bubbles’! Granted, I’m not too sure he knows what bubbles are. The day of the dirty diaper massacre as I was bathing the mess off of him, he kept crying, “Bubblesssss, mama, Bubbbb-les, mama!’ He wasn’t too happy about being basically hosed down and just kept crying about bubbles.

*A total pro at opening doors! If we don’t lock the front door, this kid could skip town easily! And he loves opening up mommy’s wine fridge, gah!

*Sorta kinda signing! He will do the ‘more’ sign if prodded when eating or wanting to be pushed around in his car.

*Water baby! This kid cannot get enough! Bath tubs, pools, buckets of water, the dog bowls, if it has water, he is all over it! *Got his chubby hand stuck in a toy and, admittedly, it was ridiculously adorable! I may have taken a photo before helping him get it out…maybe…


Bridgette Haight - June 25, 2014 - 4:17 pm

This is so cute and hysterical at the same time! I can’t believe how big he is getting!

Crystal - June 25, 2014 - 4:36 pm

Your blogged milestones will never burn up in a fire. You are one upping a scrapbook! (Plus he will be able to access it from anywhere!) At least that is what I tell myself, because I blog for the same reason.

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