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Grayson – Two Years Old

Okay, so I totally fell off the milestones wagon. Part of me feels like a bad mommy for not following through on the monthly updates, but I am not a mommy blogger by any means…I just blog updates on my life, part of which is my kid. And, honestly, the other part of me feels like a better mom for it…because the fact is since I have dropped the blog down to fewer days a week, I have been less stressed in general and have a bit more balance in my life. (A definite win!) So, I’m not going to give myself too much guilt about it and, instead, I am going to celebrate all the goodness that has led him from his last milestones blog at 20 months up until now, at two years old. Yep, two. years. old!!! Grayson turned two last Thursday and I still cannot get over the ‘Holy crap, I have a two year old!’ feeling! It’s absolutely unreal. And crazy. And nonstop. And exhausting. And really really amazing. I am totally smitten with this cutie of mine, even if he won’t let me take a decent photo of him to save my life!

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Two Year Old Milestones

31.14 lbs

36 inches

*Still with the tantrums. And fake crying, complete with huge crocodile tears and Frankenstein arms as he runs out of the room. Welcome to the toddler fun!

*Pretend eats his felt hotdog and fruits and veggies. And says, ‘Yum, yum.’

*Cuddles his Momma K in the morning and at night. He is oh so comfy in the crook of her arm and as much as I wish he would cuddle with me too, it’s oh so cute to watch.

*Determined to test out just how bouncy every piece of furniture is. The table, dining room chairs, beds, couches, you name it. Jump jump jumping!

*Has tried to pull the little freckle on his hand off, not realizing it is on his skin. I definitely laughed.

*Marshmallow monster! He is obsessed with them!

*Throws things in frustration. And when he just wants to put on a show and be silly too. Unfortunately, he often throws things like trucks and ipads high into the air…he must soon realize what goes up, must come down. Eeek.

*Lovessss the ‘Chase me!’ game. And laughs his head off as you chase him. 

*Gives kisses far more willingly these days. I almost think he has figured out it may get him things he wants.

*Starting to mimic words more and more.

*New favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph! And loves old time Mickey cartoons.

*Loving puzzles.

*Baby’s first sledding experience! He mostly enjoys tromping through the snow in his boots and dragging his hands through the snow as he goes along on the sled, but he thinks it is fun nonetheless!

*Says ‘Hello’ like an old man.

*Says ‘Please’ like ‘Wheeeeee!’ and it melts my heart every single time!!!

*Confirmed meat eater. He is our mini Ron Swanson.

*Loves his bedtime routine when we put him down together. He used to push me away and be quite aggressive if I tried to hone in on his cuddle time with his Momma K before bed, but miraculously some kind of switch has flipped! Now, he does pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! He forces us to kiss each other, literally pushes us together, and then hugs us both at the same time with a little ‘awww’. Holy adorable!

*Coloring! I’ve realized even at two years old, he is more into organizing his crayons into piles and taking nibbles out of them when I’m not looking more than he is actually coloring.

*The very beginning stages of potty training.

*Locked himself in his room and cried cried when he realized he couldn’t get out and I couldn’t get in. We promptly put new knobs on his door that cannot be locked.

*Figured out how to get out of his crib, God help us! One morning, I awoke to the sound of a door handle turning and looked down the hall to see little fingers poking out from underneath his door. Gah! This kid is SO not ready for a toddler bed, it takes him and hour and a half to wind down every night. Even when he is exhausted, he talks, plays, and hangs out for a bit in his crib before going to bed. If he wasn’t in a crib, he would tear the room apart and never go to bed! So, here’s hoping we can get him to stay in the crib a while longer.

*Still fiercely independent. Sometimes I climb onto the floor next to him to play and he just totally ignores me and goes about his business.

*Favorite treat is Nilla wafers, when he isn’t feeding them to the dogs, that is!



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