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In the Name of Adventure

In an effort to soak up all the free weekend days we have left as a family this spring/summer, we headed out to the Naperville Riverwalk yesterday to enjoy the lovely weather. As we walked along the riverwalk path, we noticed some people canoeing down the river and the spouse was sure to point them out to me. Saying, “Oooh, look! Think you can handle that?” followed by a laugh. You see, canoes are a hot topic around here. Why, you ask. Well, because I’m a city girl with an irrational fear of canoes, kayaks, and the like! (No, seriously.) K find this to be utterly ridiculous and has always tried to convince me to go canoeing, yet I always refuse. Until a couple years ago, when she got me in a canoe for all of 10 minutes, high heels and all. ( I kid you not.) I did it, but, honestly, it wasn’t my best effort. Ten measly minutes and I kvetched the whole time.

I have always said I will try anything once (or twice). In the name of living life to the fullest. In the name of adventure. But, looking back at my pathetic attempt at canoeing, I’m not sure it really counts as truly trying something if you don’t open yourself up to the experience and let go of your apprehensions. I definitely didn’t let go of my inane city girl fears and try to enjoy the moment. Mentally, I was done before we even got in the canoe!

So, when we passed by the people enjoying the beautiful day, canoeing down the river yesterday…I looked over at our baby boy. Our sweet baby boy with his whole life ahead of him! A life that I hope is overflowing with adventure and full of diverse experiences! And I realized that even though I talk the talk, I’m not really walking the walk on trying everything and being adventurous, despite my fears. I’m not being the best example for my little boy by chickening out on things worth trying. I don’t want him to think that the things in life that scare him are not worth doing or at least giving a go once or twice. I don’t want him to let silly phobias or fears hold him back.

So, I guess it’s time for me to start walking the walk. To not let my fears get in the way of truly trying things. To being open to experiences instead of keeping my guard up the whole time. To living life, in the name of adventure! If not for me, for my little boy!

Emilia Jane - April 29, 2013 - 1:26 pm

Aww love it! I promise with the right clothes (aka swim suit under things that dry quickly and flip flops) canoeing is actually really fun and relaxing. <3

Christy Tyler - April 29, 2013 - 2:13 pm

That’s a fabulous reason to live a life of adventure if you ask me! You got this girl! (That’s coming from a country girl turned city girl!) ;).

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