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Learning to Let Go In the Name of Balance

I know there is often a running theme around here of me being stuck behind a computer and needing to get out into the world. #weddingphotogproblems for sure! But, lately, I am realizing that a big part of achieving some of that coveted work life balance, is letting go a little. Letting go of the obsessive to-do lists. Letting go of the work work work mentality. Letting go the some of those should-be’s and have-to’s that run through your head when you decide to finally call it a night and relax a little after a long day of working, but you know there is a mountain of work still waiting to be done. Letting go of the highest of standards that you hold yourself to that YOU, alone, set for yourself! Something has to give. And sometimes that means pushing things onto tomorrow’s to-do list, when you have already been at it for over 12 hours for the day.


Don’t get me wrong, there are definite perks to having a home office and running your own business, but at the end of the day it promotes the idea that you can be (and maybe should be) working 24/7. But just because you can and your work is always within reach in a growing email box easily accessed from your phone or unedited folder on your computer mere feet away, doesn’t mean you should always be working. That’s just ludicrous, right?! I think everyone would agree you shouldn’t have to always feel the need to be working…but I really really do! More times than not, I miss outings or spontaneous adventures with family or friends because I feel like I need to be working even if I’m not shooting a scheduled event or session that day. And as much as I truly love what I do and I work nonstop because I’m determined to make my dreams of being a successful wedding photographer a reality, it can be draining. And it makes you miss your loved ones like you live in another country from them when in actuality they are just a phone call and quick drive away. It’s crazy.

So, before things get really crazy this Spring, I’ve been working on letting go a little. And I have to tell you it feels amazing!  Letting go of my obsessive blogging schedule just a little when it means taking care of my own well being, like going to bed even if I don’t have a blog prepared for the next day because it’s already 2AM and I’ve been working for hours and hours. Taking advantage of the days the temps go above 50 degrees in our never ending Chicago winter to get outside and take my tyke to the zoo for a walk in the sunshine, when I know the sunshine will do us SO much good. Taking coffee and reading breaks! Saying yes to Sunday funday adventures with my favorite people in the world when I know I probably could use a day at home to get the house in order and get a jump on the week. Letting go of those should-be’s hanging over my head to have some fun in my life with the people I love. Closing the laptop for the night when there is still work to be done because spending just a little real life face time with the spouse will make me feel whole again. Getting a sitter for a Tuesday morning, so I can have some much needed coffee and gab time with one of my best friends because that is when she is in town and the to-do list can wait just a few hours. All of these seemingly small and insignificant things have made a world of difference for me lately. Everything is still getting done as it should! And I’m not constantly running myself into the ground. I’m not burning out before the busy season has even started. I’m not stressed. I’m feeling more calm and at ease. I’m finding some balance in my life.

I didn’t think I ever would! And I’m not saying it will stay all rainbows and sunshine, living a perfectly balanced life, through the year once busy season kicks in, but I am saying that I’m trying. I’m trying to let go of the reins a little. I’m trying to let go of the crazy standards I’ve set for myself. I’m trying to let go in the name of balance. And trying is the best we can do, right? So, I’m off to have coffee with one of my favorite people and then I’ll come home and chip away at that to-do list. Because life is about living it, right? So, here’s to learning to let go in the name of balance! I’m definitely trying…

Caili Helsper - March 25, 2014 - 7:09 pm

You are one of the hardest workers I know, so it makes me feel good to know that you are being good to yourself, too. Sometimes getting a babysitter is worth more than the cost!

Christy Tyler - March 26, 2014 - 2:48 am

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS POST MAKES ME!!!! You can actually be MORE productive when you are balanced and not working 24/7! It’s a crazy idea, but it is true! 🙂 I’ve cheered every time I saw your posts about getting out of the house on Instagram lately. SO happy you are (finally) doing this!

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