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Doing It All…Mommyhood in the Midst of Wedding Season

It’s no surprise things are crazy around here. We are in the very heart of wedding season and I don’t know which end is up anymore. 1-2 weddings every weekend, shoots and/or meetings during the week. A mountain of email, editing, blogging, and submitting constantly awaiting me at home. A throbbing wrist from shooting and editing nonstop. Awful bruised legs from running around (and into things) while shooting, which is typical for me. An ever-aching back. An insane amount of Starbucks receipts ever mounting in my car from all the caffiene I need pumped into my veins lately. Going to bed around 1 or 2 in the morning every night. Laundry piling up in heaps everywhere you look. A house in shambles. Wedding season has arrived, my friends!!!

And I’m plugging away day by day, week by week. (LOVING IT, mind you! Even amidst chaos.) But this year it’s different…we added mommyhood to the equation. And I’m pretty sure that is why I feel so crazed in July when in years past life wouldn’t feel so very out of balance till about September! But we are making it work, except for the whole piles of laundry and a spouse forced to eat frozen pizzas for dinner every night thing.¬†And a lot of people have been saying ‘I don’t know how you do it!’ to me lately…and part of me feels like saying, ‘But am I doing it?!’ As I sit here writing this, unshowered at 8PM, staring down a to-do list of about a million things trying to tackle them all at once, guzzling a glass of wine, and trying to soothe a whining baby. I don’t really feel like I’m doing it. But I guess I am…the baby is still alive, well, and flourishing! And so is my business! I have the best clients ever this year and I am loving every minute of this year’s wedding season! So, I’m doing it…but I am definitely not equipped to write a ‘How to manage mommyhood with being a full time wedding photographer’ book yet!

But the simple answer for HOW I am doing it as of late:

Staying up into the wee hours of the morning when the baby is asleep to get work done, excessive amounts of caffeine to keep your head on straight when the baby wakes up in the morning, and lots (and lots) of helping hands. That is the long and short of it. The real answer as to how I am making it work.

Because let me tell you one thing right out the gate here…I’m not doing it alone! The only reason I am able to do both is with a lot of help. Family, near and far, that have watched the baby during Friday weddings and weekday meetings. A spouse that gets handed an often cranky baby the minute she steps in the door as I go hole myself up in my office until sometimes 3 in the morning, after she has already gone to bed. I don’t know that I’d be able to do it without all the amazing help we have had!

But, beyond those tangible answers for how I am doing it all, the answers that keeps me going when I feel like giving up are a little different. Simply put, it comes down to passion, determination, and love. My passion for my career and loving every second of what I do! Who cares if I’m exhausted! Life is too short to not give it my all and do what I love. My determination (and maybe a little stubborn-ness) to make my dream of making a living as a wedding photographer, photographing love stories, a reality! And my determination to be an amazing mommy to our sweet boy, with my career flourishing along the way! My determination to have both!!! And ultimately, love. Love for what I do everyday and love for my own family. Love for photographing love stories even in the heart of a crazy wedding season. Love for living my own love story everyday.

And with all that love in my heart (for being a wedding photographer AND a mommy), it makes all the sleepless nights and dirty laundry worth it. Worth the everyday struggles of it all. Worth making it work!


Emilia Jane - July 29, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Oh my gosh I love love that photo of you holding Grayson. Some things make everything else worthwhile <3 <3 <3

suzyb - July 29, 2013 - 4:26 pm

Love this. I am right there with ya.. sans baby of course. But I still find myself sharing your feeling of overwhelm and constantly questioning myself, am I seriously doing this?? Am I doing anything right?! I always feel like a failure.. like I’m always late on something or forgot an email, or blew off plans with friends to balance work.. no matter how much I do right there is always one thing I have left to be forgotten. But I think that’s the point – no one ever does it ‘all’ or is perfect. Life just isn’t like that.. You are awesome mama, and kudos to you for keeping your head on straight through the summer craziness! XO

Christy Tyler - July 29, 2013 - 4:45 pm

This is perfect today love. Just what I needed to hear about passion, determination & drive. We CAN all do this. Whatever “this” is to each of us… thank you for the reminder. xoxox

Lauren - July 30, 2013 - 3:12 pm

You are 100% doing it!!!!! I seriously was just sitting in my kitchen having coffee with my neighbor talking about you and how I am so impressed that you can work and be a mom. You are doing an amazing job. I always keep you in mind when I think about one day trying to do this whole mommy thing. You’re an inspiration lady!

Alaina Bos - July 31, 2013 - 5:29 pm

I love reading your posts about mommyhood and because you’re alway so honest. Sometimes we don’t know how we get things done and also wonder how we’re going to keep making things happen when we feel overwhelmed! You always inspire me to be more positive and get things done! As a matter of fact, I should be preparing a blog post right now!!!

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