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Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

Sure, I’m in the wedding business so I am going to weddings every single weekend…and totally bopping around the dance floor as I shoot. But, the times I get to attend a wedding as a guest with my spouse on my arm, without a camera in hand, are few and very far in between.

And, I have to say, it is a totally different experience attending a wedding without a camera in front of your face. You get to be fully present in the ceremony, vows, and beautiful words couples share together on their wedding day. You get to experience their joy…without always thinking about how to move around to capture that. You get to hold your own love’s hand and reminisce about your own love story. You get to dress up without worries of the comfort level of your shoes or the short hemline of your dress! You get to dance!!! I mean, I dance around the room as I shoot weddings, but it is entirely different to just let go, give in to the music, and dance your butt off!!! Especially with your love! I’m pretty sure dancing together is our unspoken love language! It’s silly, happy, and endlessly fun! As much as life might be stressing us out, busier than ever, ships passing in the night….dancing together cuts through it all! It’s restorative and rejuvenating for our relationship! All the busy details of life fade away and it’s just the two of us having fun and being totally smitten with each other.


Sometimes you have to stop talking, stop thinking, stop doing. Sometimes you just gotta dance to cut through the crap. (No, this isn’t an advertisement for the movie Footloose, I swear!) To reconnect with the heart of your relationship. To get on the same page. To find that carefree spirit. To leave your words at the door and be in the moment. And being in that moment with the one you love is pretty much the best thing ever! I might begin proposing all-out dance parties as the solution to any disagreements we have at home in the near future, I think I’m on to something here! I love dancing with K more than anything in the world…even if it does take some convincing (and a couple glasses of bubbly) to initially get me out on the dance floor. So, happy Monday all…and here’s to more dance parties!!!

Christy Tyler - October 30, 2014 - 3:39 am

I agree! Dancing fixes everything. Dancing is the. best.

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