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Taking To The Open Road for a Mid Season Break!

Whoooo, I feel like I have been going nonstop for the past 4 months! Wedding season breaks you in a bit slowly when winter is still turning to spring as few people are brave enough to get married or take engagement photos when frost is still on the ground, but then suddenly spring hits and it’s full speed ahead and you barely have time to catch your breath! And burning out half way through the season is not an option because there are still about 4 more busy months to go! And I have to admit I’m starting to feel that burn-out drag pulling on me every so slowly, but surely. So, NOW is the time! Time for a mid season break! Time to get away, unplug, and refuel! A sort of reset for the next 4 months of wedding season.

So, after I clock in another double header this weekend, we are hitting the road! Before the sun rises on Sunday morning, in the wee hours, while the world is still sleeping, we will be loading up and loading out for another family road trip to Tennessee! A beautiful cabin tucked away in the Smokey Mountains awaits us and, for once, the idea of a week of nearly nonexistent internet access is not making me twitch and I can’t wait to be unreachable for a few days. (Okay, okay, I won’t be totally unreachable…just on a bit of a lag. I will check in on email every couple days to see if anything imperative needs tending to, but other than that the blog will be on a week break and I will be returning all non-emergent/time sensitive emails when I return to the office August 11th.) I’m never been great at making myself take a break so this sort of forced break of being unplugged is just what I need right about now!

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I absolutely cannot wait to get out of town, get on the road, get away from my computer, take wayyyy too many Instagram photos of the tyke, actually go to bed at the same time as K and cuddle, relax, play cards, drink wine…lots of wine, not feel guilty for not taking out my camera everyday, read at my leisure, go for walks in the mountains, spend time with family….all of it! Mid-season break, here we come! Now, if only I could find some time to pack anything other than wine and diapers…

Jordann Tomasek - July 31, 2014 - 4:17 pm

Enjoy. Enjoy. ENJOYYYYY!! I hope you truly shut out all technology for those few precious days you’re away! Dooooo it!

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