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The 101 Road Trip: Part 2 – San Francisco, The Redwoods, and More

This week I am sharing Part 2 of the epic Highway 101 road trip and it has some incredible highlights! Starting off the day with sunrise over the Golden Gate bridge being one of them! Battery Spencer park has an incredible view of the bridge and I’m so glad we dragged our butts out of bed before dawn to get there. After enjoying the quiet of watching the sun come up, we popped into adorable Sausalito to grab some coffee before hitting the road again. Coffee was essentially our third road trip partner on this trip, I swear I came home with ridiculously unhealthy high tolerance for caffeine from the many coffee stops on long drives to keep us going!

California Wedding Photographer_0300

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California Wedding Photographer_0302California Wedding Photographer_0303California Wedding Photographer_0306California Wedding Photographer_0307California Wedding Photographer_0308California Wedding Photographer_0309

First stop on our drive of the day was to the homeland….vineyards!!! Yes please! If only we could have stayed and had a drink…or five.

California Wedding Photographer_0310California Wedding Photographer_0311California Wedding Photographer_0313California Wedding Photographer_0312

And finally our real destination of the day…the California Redwoods!

California Wedding Photographer_0314

A drive through tree and a very very close encounter with a herd of elk! I never thought I would be within 5 feet of wild elk with no fence between us! This city girl’s mind was beyond blown.

California Wedding Photographer_0317

Roadside do’s by Bree before delving down ‘The Revelation Trail’!

California Wedding Photographer_0318

Fall had officially hit the Redwoods and I was loving every second of it!

California Wedding Photographer_0331

We traipsed about the California Redwoods until sundown, I’m pretty sure if we had waited 5 more minutes to find our way out, we would have been in total darkness trying to find our way out!

California Wedding Photographer_0319California Wedding Photographer_0320California Wedding Photographer_0321California Wedding Photographer_0328California Wedding Photographer_0323California Wedding Photographer_0324California Wedding Photographer_0325California Wedding Photographer_0326California Wedding Photographer_0322California Wedding Photographer_0329California Wedding Photographer_0330

And, yes, I hike through the Redwoods in a dress! Hey, I had boots on too, I can be somewhat practical!

California Wedding Photographer_0332California Wedding Photographer_0333California Wedding Photographer_0334

I absolutely need to get back to the Redwoods one day! It was so peaceful and calm…and smelled fantastic! I so wish we had more hours of sunlight to explore there! Especially since we had a very long drive into Portland ahead of us that night that proved to be rather harrowing! (More on that in the next post!)

(Images by myself, Brienne, and iphones!)


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