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The 101 Road Trip: Part 4 – Hug Point

After a relaxing afternoon in Portland, our road trip adventures took us to the gorgeous Cannon Beach area of Oregon and not even the crazy rain and blowing wind storm could shake us from exploring and loving every second of Hug Point! We may have left their drenched to the bone, sand in our eyes and cameras, and exhausted, but I can tell you that even in a rain storm, this stretch of the Oregon coast is not to be missed! Here are some of our snaps….

Oregon Wedding Photographer_0069

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Oregon Wedding Photographer_0063Oregon Wedding Photographer_0061Oregon Wedding Photographer_0059Oregon Wedding Photographer_0057Oregon Wedding Photographer_0060Oregon Wedding Photographer_0062Oregon Wedding Photographer_0064Oregon Wedding Photographer_0058Oregon Wedding Photographer_0056Oregon Wedding Photographer_0072Oregon Wedding Photographer_0071

Self timer shots when you are the only two people on a beach in a rain storm…..we are even lucky we got this oddly composed shot, ha!

Oregon Wedding Photographer_0074Oregon Wedding Photographer_0068Oregon Wedding Photographer_0066Oregon Wedding Photographer_0067Oregon Wedding Photographer_0065Oregon Wedding Photographer_0073Oregon Wedding Photographer_0077

Boy, am I thankful for this relaxing mimosa filled morning in Portland and heart happy day at Hug Point because we had another rather harrowing drive ahead of us upon leaving Oregon that night. Rain all through the night on more one lane unlit roads. Murdering dozens upon dozens of frogs! No, seriously, the rain brought out hundreds of frogs on the roads that night and a total frog massacre was unavoidable. Gah! Not to mention, our reserved lodge at Crescent Lake lost power (Must get back there!), so we were redirected to an awful motel in a random town where the water in the shower smelled like cigarette smoke and the local liquor store didn’t sell any wine that cost more than $8 (what?!?!?!). Needless to say the wine was awful and we were glad we had plans to leave at sunrise so we were only really crashing there for a few hours. Eeek, not every night can be a winner I guess! But, believe me, the next day was so SO good…my favorite, in fact! Next up…more pretty pretty from the Pacific Northwest!

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Sammie Rogers-Brown - December 16, 2014 - 7:14 pm

A trip up the PCH has been on my bucket list for a while now….I think this just gave me a little push in that direction!

Christy Tyler - December 17, 2014 - 3:39 pm

Isn’t it just UNREAL there?! It’s almost better in the rain because you had the place to yourselves!!! So awesome!

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