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The 101 Road Trip: Part 6 – En Route to Seattle

Well, my final stop (and final post) in this 101 Road Trip series is here! (Just as I am mulling over doing a version of this trip again next year, yay!) My last stop before heading home to Chicago was fantastic Seattle!  But, not without a couple last lovely Washington stops along the way of course!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0101

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I swear I found peace I’ve never felt before all over the Quileute Reservation of Washington and it was such a bittersweet ending to our last real road trip day…the beautiful quiet of the waves along the coast, the magnitude of the gorgeous nature around us, and the incredible smell will all stay with me forever. We pulled down this unmarked road and wandered for a few minutes before getting on our way again…and these few minutes alone are some of my very favorite of the trip!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0102Washington Wedding Photographer_0103

We made a quick stop at Crescent Lake since had it not been for a rain storm the night before and our lodge losing power we would have been there that morning. We couldn’t bear to end our trip without seeing it. And seeing it made us even more disappointed to have missed our lodge stay on the lake. Another little gem of tranquility along our drive.

Washington Wedding Photographer_0106Washington Wedding Photographer_0104Washington Wedding Photographer_0105

And then it was time to race the clock to Seattle! Bree was dropping me off and then turning right around to get back to San Francisco for a wedding, whereas I had a day of Seattle down time to explore before I had to get on a plane for a wedding in Chicago. We made a quick stop in Port Angeles for some yummy pho and then hit a local coffee shop for some yummy iced coffee and gluten free pumpkin bread. After filling our bellies with yummies, we made it to the ferry at Bainbridge Island to head into Seattle! We simply followed the ‘fastest route’ on the GPS into Seattle from Port Angeles, not really realizing we would be taking the ferry over the Puget Sound. And I have to say it was the most delightful surprise when we finally realized where the GPS was taking us. Talk about THE best way to arrive in Seattle! On the water, with the wind in our hair, and the sun setting over the Seattle skyline! The perfect ending to our epic road trip together!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0107Washington Wedding Photographer_0109Washington Wedding Photographer_0112Washington Wedding Photographer_0113Washington Wedding Photographer_0108

I think we got a little instagram happy at this point…finally having reliable cell service felt like such a luxury after days and days of absolutely nothing as we drove along the coast.

Washington Wedding Photographer_0116Washington Wedding Photographer_0110Washington Wedding Photographer_0114

I was honestly so sad to say goodbye to my partner in crime, Brienne! It was such a bummer to end our trip apart and I’m pretty sure it is part of my excuse of why we need to do it again! But, ending it on the Seattle ferry was such an awesome experience and I’m so glad we randomly ended up there! It was beyond perfect!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0115

And, finally, Seattle! My hotel was only a few blocks from the Market, so of course I wandered over my first morning to explore.

Washington Wedding Photographer_0117

Sleeping in a NICE bed in a NICE hotel felt so incredibly amazing after our suspect motel stop the night previous. And, not to mention, the many days and nights of sleeplessness! Sleeping in has never felt so good! But, even after I slept the morning away, I needed caffeine STAT…thankfully that crazy tourist packed Starbucks was mere feet away. Granted it was nice to listen to the live music while waiting in line outside….never ever will I wait OUTSIDE for coffee again. That’s just crazy, people! I just wanted coffee…not a souvenir mug or t-shirt! It was SO. nuts. in there!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0132Washington Wedding Photographer_0120

Wandering the market was oh so fun…I only wished I wasn’t gluten intolerant so I could have tried so many of the yummy looking things!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0122Washington Wedding Photographer_0123Washington Wedding Photographer_0121Washington Wedding Photographer_0124Washington Wedding Photographer_0118Washington Wedding Photographer_0119

The next morning I did my best to look oh so very PNW and got some scrumptious homemade apple cider at the market to warm up the very fall like day!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0133

And then I grabbed the most delicious lunch with one of my favorites, Jordan! I’m pretty sure I didn’t even ‘meet’ Jordan until she moved from Chicago to Seattle, which is a total shame because this gal is such a blast, not to mention, a fantastic shopping guide! And it’s always such fun when I get to shoot with her when she is town, so it was a treat to get to hang with her on her new turf for once!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0128

Hello yummy restaurant! I will be back!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0127

And then, Jordan rocked my world by taking to the brick and mortar shop of one of my absolute favorite boutiques (only known online to me up until this visit), Moorea Seal! I basically bought all the things. And wanted to buy even more!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0129Washington Wedding Photographer_0131

And then my world was rocked yet again by some Molly Moon’s homemade Stumptown Coffee ice cream! Best thing I have ever tasted! I HAVE to have this again one day. SO GOOD.

Washington Wedding Photographer_0130

More fabulous shopping that I whole heartedly approved of!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0126Washington Wedding Photographer_0125

And after a little more shopping on my own in downtown Seattle, I retired to my room to enjoy that comfy bed once more before heading back to Chicago the next day. My epic road trip had come to a close…and epic it was! The kind of trip that had always been on one of my ‘One Day…Maybe’ lists. The kind of trip I had always wanted to do but never thought I would actually get to! The kind of trip I dreamed and mused about, but never thought I would take action on. Until, one day, I did! We dreamed and planned…and then actually made reservations and booked flights and made it come to life. We just decided that we were going to do it, not just talk about it. And, gosh, I am oh so happy we did! That we followed our dreams and creative hearts and made it happen. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. (And will now try for years and years to come to convince the spouse that she must go with me next time!)

Life is full of adventure that is just waiting for you to find it, to experience it, to feel it, to live it, to embrace it head on! And adventures with my camera and a good friend along for the ride are the best kind, if you ask me!

Washington Wedding Photographer_0134

My road trip accomplice/the lady behind the camera when I’m in front of it: Brienne 

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Brienne Michelle - January 27, 2015 - 5:22 pm

Sigh. I may or may not be holding off blogging this myself so that I can relive it again and pretend it isn’t over. 😉 We HAVE to go again.

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