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‘Tis the Season…Spring Showers and Sessions!

I think this Chicago winter has been so terribly long and drawn out that I completely forgot what spring was like! I was so focused on just getting to see the ground again without mountains of snow and salt caked on it and getting above freezing temperatures, that I forgot that spring can be a pretty mercurial season. I forgot that spring is the season of back to back engagement sessions with ever threatening spring storms on the horizon. That sometimes the forecast calls for rain all day and you get a beautiful sun shining day instead. But then again, sometimes it rains and pours and rains some more! And you never really know what you are going to get! It can be pretty frustrating when springtime is the time of year most of my couples plan their engagement sessions and I am refreshing the weather forecast every hour as a session time approaches, just hoping the chance of rain will dip below 50%.


And yet, springtime brings so much goodness along with all that rain. It brings sunshine and a new seasons worth of clothing! Hello spring shopping! It brings color and life to the world again! Hello pretty cherry blossoms! It brings renewed spirits and long days spent outside. It brings evenings (or afternoons) spent sipping cocktails on a patio. It brings sunset walks with my love. It brings much needed trips to the dog beach. And, of course, it brings all my lovely couples out to canoodle in front of the camera whenever the weather cooperates and I couldn’t be more excited to reconnect with them all this spring! So, here’s to spring sessions and making the most of it in between all those spring showers!

And when the rain comes, here’s to rainy days, cozied up with soft blankets, good books (or a snuggly baby will do!), and steaming mugs of coffee. I am SO ready for you, Spring! Rain or shine, let’s do this!

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