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It’s been a while since I’ve shared some web love and I’ve got a whole bunch shared up to share with you today! So, dig in! Great wedding planning gems, random goodies, and a bit of gold, of course!

  • Shooting for Fun! No, really…just fun! The above image was from Lauren’s lovely blog post and our photographers’ play date evening! And I totally love this photo…and it IS on the web, so it counts for web love, right?
  • Oh, Chipotle, let me count the ways I love you! My favorite spot for a yummy hearty meal the night before weddings…and, now, with Patron?! Count me in! 
  • A post on ‘Why You Never Skimp on Wedding Photography’ not written by a photographer! Unbiased and oh-so-true! 
  • Talk about the light, get a professional makeup artist, and leave enough time for photos…these are just a few of the ten simple tips this Rock N Roll Bride post has for getting great wedding photographs! All SO true!!!
  • Quick and easy summertime dishes just get me! I love bringing home a cart full of fresh produce and making light yummy meals in the summer!
  • I was recently introduced to THIS amazing site, where you can design your own fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, and decals! What?! So amazing!!! (And they have a ton of designs you can purchase that are crazy cute!)
  • ‘I’m photographing you for the people who love you…’ Yes, this!!!!
  • How Not to Choose Your Wedding Photographer…another post worth reading before picking your photographer.
  • I may or may not have just added THIS beauty to my amassing collection of Michael Kors watches after falling in love with it seeing the adorable Jacqui wear it! The funny thing about me and watches…the batteries have died on almost all of mine god knows how long ago, because I wear them for purely accessorizing purposes, haha.
  • Such a good post on marriage and friendship! I agree with every single point made in this article!
  • This nursery is crazy adorable, from the family photos to the knit horsie mobile, I love it!
  • The spouse might kill me if I spend this much on a toy for Baby Gray, but, oh, how I love it so!!!!
  • How To Really Enjoy a Day Off…both relaxing and productive!

Speaking of productive, I am off to kick it into high gear around here…the next 7 weeks or so are pure insanity, so I better get the team going on about 101 projects! Too bad my team consists of a 4 month old baby and 2 starved for attention pups…they arn’t much help, gah…

Lauren Wakefield - June 26, 2013 - 1:43 pm

I love the articles on wedding photography. So good and well written! And of course the photo of us! Love love it.

Emilia Jane - June 26, 2013 - 3:35 pm

Love these posts! <3

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